What we do

We make the scheduling for you, of any service at any Italian consulates. All of that, with excellence that only Prenota4u can offer you!

Making appointments at the Italian Consulate is not easy, we already know that. Repeated attempts that often, result in frustrations, in the face of all the limitations of the number of spots, opening hours, reservation of vacancies and all of that, combined with the immense competition. But what you still do not know is that we at Prenota4u, can take responsibility for your scheduling easily, and without all this system bureaucracy.

Live all your dreams!

Cultural wealth

Connect to other continents and visit not only Europe, but countries in North America

European Citizen

Restart your life, study, work, invest in you. With the Prenota4u, your European citizenship is guaranteed

All thanks to you

With the Italian citizenship you guarantee that your descendants can know the world and even!

How does it Works

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Even with the rapid depletion of vacancies and schedules made available, and the overcrowding of the “Prenota Online” portal, of its scheduling consulate such as those in London, Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires, which usually manage absurd numbers of visitors, our experienced professionals in the question, take full responsibility for their!

The differential of Prenota4u is that our team follows all the recommendations and guidelines of the Italian Consulate, in addition to being always attentive to schedules and availability, with a first-class infrastructure, coupled with the fact that we provide exceptional service for each client.

Easy and Practical

The payment is made easy and you only do it after the approval of the schedule

No bureaucracy

We want you to just worry about providing the correct data. The rest, you leave with us.

We are here!

Any questions, support and service can count on us.

No worries

In an accessible and practical way, you do not worry about high values


How can I make the payment and what are its forms?

No need to worry about the payment on the beginning, after all, it will only be performed after the confirmation of the schedule and is done through the PayPal Platform!

How the scheduling process works?

We will carry out the scheduling through the PrenotaOnline website, for this, we will need some personal data to be able to create a profile! That’s all you need to get through at first. Then, your data will be sent to the Consulate, and the scheduling protocol will begin. We make the attempts exactly as you would, however, we have fast equipment and internet, as well as qualified professionals and our agents who work directly from Italy! Depending on the service, in a very short time you will have a date for your interview or delivery of documents! All with the quality and safety of Prenota4u!

How soon is the schedule done?

We’ll ask you for something around 3 months, but we’ll always give it to you earlier.

When scheduling is done?

For the first date made available by the consulate. This depends on the time of the year, but it’s always around 15 days or a month, on average. You’ll surely be at the Consulate in last of three months. But do not worry, we always get the first available date that appears! Prenota4u customers always have this differential!

When should I go to the consulate?

We will inform you by email on which date you should go to the consulate, okay? This will only be determined by the availability of the consulate applied, but you will always be updated of the details, do not worry about anything!

And regarding the scheduling of minors?

Generally, consulates allow up to two minors to be added for each parent’s appointment. We make this inclusion free of charge, always in compliance with the rules of each consulate! But we always warn that this permissiveness does not apply to all consulates, so talk to us and we can check the situation!

Can I enter more people on the same schedule?

Unfortunately not. Schedules are personal and non-transferable!

How can I hire the service?

Just fill out the form or send us an email, we will be waiting for you to talk about your situation! Send a message to [email protected]

I have doubts. How can I solve?

Doubts? Do not be shy, send us a message through the form or through the email [email protected]! We’ll be happy to help you!

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